Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First of the Year News

News February 2011

Jason and Natalie (Justin & Krista) Freed
Galveston, TX

Hoping to God, all is well and strong in the Lord. We are all fine...just very busy and teaching daily; lots of irons in the fire:

· Tuesday night classes (GBI) are a great idea for Galveston. Over 20 attending, all eager to learn the material from Sunset International Bible Institute.

· Wednesday Night attendance also continues to grow greatly in number. Currently studying the book of Acts. God is good!!!

· Natalie and I both teach classes on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings for now; classes are growing.

· Natalie also has a few studies going on throughout the week with several Ladies.

· Lots of Bible discussions get made

· The Saturday night Fellowships (at our place) are still going strong with new kids and adults coming weekly. We are still averaging around 30 or so. We have games, door prizes and lots of food that we make and serve. There have been several studies develop from these so far. But it’s important that they see a consistency in behavior and acquire more and more trust, which is our greatest intention. There are many things we can say about Christ just by the way we love one another.

· I have the opportunity to preach now and then. (Also, filling in for some local ministers soon.)

· The kids are doing amazingly with friendships, participation in our efforts for the kingdom, and grades.

· We might have an opportunity to go to the Pepperdine Lectures this year in California? Also, hoping to meet with local congregations about our work here. Please pray for that.

· We met Mike at Big Lots. We were looking for some furniture for the Youth Room. Mike was the manager and made us some really good deals. He was invited to church and has been studying with us since December. God is good!

Click here to view a video of Mike's Baptism by Jason Freed 2-19-11

Thanks for encouraging us to be here where there is a great need for evangelism and the laborers are few. Pray for Galveston! We are still in need of your support. We are not yet at our monthly budget needs. So if you have any contacts, leads or encouragement, please do so. God bless you and what you can and will do!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

...in Christ

The past few months, on the new mission field, has acquired a lot of prayer, meditation, searches and tears. 

The Lord has directed us into a path of fulfillment beyond what's imaginable.  We are extremely delighted to engage with the Lord in His vineyard, in Galveston, TX.

Something is more certain in our minds about evangelism that we would like to quickly share with you...

Yes, we can go to each person where we are and where we live and boldly proclaim the good news to them; living on the fear of time and opportunity.  And we have done that.  However, what we have found that works best is not the zeal to reach as many people as possible each day, but patience and love we dedicate to individuals everyday that makes a difference in the way people come to the Lord.  We have found that it is more about our time for others, and not the only time that we might have to share with them.  What we put in... is what we will get out. (Gal. 6:7-8;You reap what you sow.)  People will fall in love with Jesus by the way we love them.  That's what we know works!    

Please meet our new sister in Christ...

Yanping or Stefanie, from China (a foreign exchange worker, here for one year)
Click here to view video of baptism.

Upon Your Confession

I Now Baptize You


For the Forgiveness of Your Sins

Welcome to the Family of God!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We're Baaaack...

Broadway Church of Christ, one of Galveston's greatest "giving" churches, was BACK IN THE BUILDING! This past Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010, marked the first Sunday to be back in the building since Hurricane Ike hit. In 2008, the building at 17th and Broadway collected at least five feet of water, leaving the inside completely in shambles. Only the Lord's communion table was able to be salvaged. Due to extensive giving from brethren all over the world, rebuilding became a possibility. Since then, the Isbells, Mikey and Allen have graciously opened their home for worship. Allen, a practicing trial attorney, has preached for Broadway since 1977 and without accepting a paycheck. Despite some loss, the members are growing spiritually and enthusiastically, and even more loyal to Christ and one another. Plus, more new excitement, as Jason Freed, a full-time Missionary/Evangelist has come to live in Galveston with his wife, Natalie and two kids, Justin (15) and Krista (11) to work and worship with the church. Jason has brought his love for others, a fire for sharing the "Good News" and the Bible Satellite School program (Galveston Bible Institute) which will offer free to credited courses for every book in the Bible, starting soon. The homeless, was a primary mission for the Broadway congregation, serving at least 70 persons every week; participating and accepting a sack meal with accommodations. That great work will gladly resume again soon. In addition, the congregation serves and supports a local full-time prison ministry with Mr. Gene Rowe and several missionaries and mission organizations. Come worship with us this Sunday or any Wednesday evening at 7 or Sunday morning at 11. We will gladly share our love for you and God's holy word.

SEPT. 19, 2010 11 A.M. -Mark your calendars

Broadway Church of Christ

1628 Broadway

Galveston, TX 77552

(409) 762-5566

Jason Freed: 832-244-7465

Loren Winters (16),
put the Lord on in Baptism today. He is one of Justin's friends and attends our Saturday Night Fellowship regularly. We are so thrilled to know this young man and ask that you please pray for him to continue on the right track as his father (one parent household) doesn't encourage his faith and walk with the Lord. Click here to view the video of his baptism. You might need to log in to facebook? Sorry if it is difficult to view. Please contact for possible technical difficulties. Thanks.

Sun. Aug. 29, 2010, Broadway Church of Christ made the front page news...

*********The Galveston County Daily Newspaper also prepared a very special video.  Please click here to view.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boring? Never!

A single, lonely, middle aged Hispanic man was attending the very small Bible study group on Wednesday evening when we first arrived to Galveston in January, 2010.  We tend to notice these kind of people.  The ones we haven't seen or met before.  We always desire to know more about the new, fresh faces that take an interest in God.  What are their stories?  What are their desires?  Do they really want to know more about God?  Luis became an instant friend.  He had a twin brother, David, who was a member of the Broadway Church of Christ in Galveston.  Apparently, Luis never darkened the doorway of the building until the tragic death of this dearly beloved brother in Christ who suffered a kidney failure, even after a transplant.  Luis continued to study and worship with us at Broadway even though we were meeting in a greenhouse behind Allen and Mikey Isbell's house.  Luis continued, eager, week after week, burying his head in the Bible as we would flip and study, read and discuss the juicy religious material that we could devour out of God's Holy Word.  We think, if you are still reading this, than you are more like us, ready to hear and praying for good news.  Is there any?  We have more than good news, we have great news!  Yesterday, Luis, was so ready and willing to finally be buried into the watery grave of baptism.  He made the greatest confession, in front of all of us, that he believed that Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins on the cross and rose to life again, asking us all who believe in Him to be baptized for the remission of our sins.  It is never boring nor does it ever get old to witness such a fantastic, incredible event!  We are so blessed to get the opportunity to do so.  Well, just in case you too want to witness a piece of this wonderful event for yourself, we have captured a few still images for you.  Just click here.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR EVER AND EVER! Amen!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 Months Later...

On September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike hit Galveston, leaving the Lord’s congregation meeting at 1628 Broadway in a disaster. Brothers and sisters, we are still not back in the building. Since the destruction, many of our number have gone off either to live or worship elsewhere. The faithful men of Broadway are very happy and encouraged we have come their way. This would not be possible, if not for caring, giving brethren like you. Thank you!

So…What’s Happening?

• Living here makes us regularly available for our previous 3 converts.

• Bible Teaching rotation on Wednesdays (Justin too).

• Krista is actively involved with the Children’s Bible time.

• Justin continues to grow spiritually and inspires his peers and the congregation.

• We are starting a Bible Institute soon and available to the public (with Degrees from S.I.B.I).

• Every Saturday evening our home is open to the entire congregation and our neighbors for food and fellowship (avg. attendance 15-20).

• Community/ Volunteer work every week.

• We have frequent visitors to our home and new relationships are constantly building.

 Our main focus with this established group is to raise up an active youth attendance, strengthen weak members, encourage more leadership, teach those who are seeking the Lord’s guidance, and work with the body to grow in all aspects.

Some Exciting News:

1. Krista and Justin might obtain scholarships to two different, well respected, private schools?

2. We are now learning Arabic using the Rosetta Stone software.

For further questions on our financial matters, please contact Mr. Wes Smith by email: wcrbsmith@gmail.com or phone: 832-928-0078

For questions concerning our oversight, please contact Mr. Marvin Trice, the elder over missions by email: mtrice36@att.net or phone: 832-287-1281

For a local available reference, please contact Dr. Joe Knox, a Broadway Trustee member by email: knoxj@tamug.edu or phone: 409-682-1110


Church of Christ in Champions

13902 Cutten Rd.

Houston, TX 77069


Attn: Rodney Burke/Freed Missions

Our Info:

The Freeds

32 Quintana Dr.

Galveston, TX 77554


Hm. 409-539-5569/ cell 832-244-7465

Up-Coming Events:

 June 8- Our Anniversary

 June 19th- Natalie’s Birthday

What We Need

  • Congregations or individuals interested in a financial partnership with us.

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Work

Church of Christ in Champions
13902 Cutten Rd.
Houston, TX  77069
(281) 440-9898 Attn: Wes Smith

Our hearts and minds have been redirected to our own backyard for the work of the Lord.  We have prayerfully made the decision to adopt the opportunities for the Lord's work in Galveston, TX.  This past week we finally secured a place and moved into a home in Campeche Cove.  We feel the home is a perfect tool for our evangelism efforts.  Please continue to pray for us and all that the Lord is willing to do though us. 

See a picture of our Wednesday night service and a home Bible study already in our home. Click here.

Our New Address:
32 Quintana Dr.
Galveston, TX  77554
(409) 539-5569


Ike's destruction


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Greatest Joy!

Death.............Burial..........Ressurection! (Romans 6:3-6)

Our daughter, Krista, was Baptized Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 8:38 p.m. immediately following the Evangelism Seminar by Jerry Tallman.  Her words to us were, "I can't wait any longer" we simply asked a few questions and said, "What are you waiting for?"  This was clearly the happiest day of her life and ours as we celebrated with many tears of joy for her obedience to Christ. (Acts 2:38; Mark 16:16; Acts 8:36-39; Romans 6:3-6; John 3:3,5)